Growth Marketing

What is Growth Marketing? ‘Finance owns the flow of cash in and out of a company. Growth owns the flow of customers in and out of a product’ – Andy Johns (VP, Growth Wealth Front). It is the dream and vision of every marketer with a product to have customers who would buy his products. […]

3 Reasons why Startups need a growth marketer

Growth Marketing is a new marketing concept currently pushing the limits of Digital and Traditional Marketing to achieve marketing goals while improving consumer’s experience about a product. For businesses that seek to thrive in a modern marketing environment, every method used in marketing strategy and campaign is subject to the scrutiny of growth marketers. By […]

What you should know about Conversion rate optimization

What conversion rate optimization really means? “Conversion rate optimization (CRO) as a process of improving the percentage of traffic that converts to customers who generally responds to any call to action (CTA) on the website.”- Wikipedia By methodically testing different versions of a page or call to action process, conversion rate optimization is used to […]

Solo Ad Page

Solo Ads Campaign Handbook and 27 ready made E-Mail Templates Please insert you name and e-mail address, we will send you the ebook and other email templates to your mail Your information is safe with us, Please download book before offer expires what does the hand book offer? This is the heading Lorem ipsum dolor […]

Increasing productivity

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