Growth Marketing is a new marketing concept currently pushing the limits of Digital and Traditional Marketing to achieve marketing goals while improving consumer’s experience about a product. For businesses that seek to thrive in a modern marketing environment, every method used in marketing strategy and campaign is subject to the scrutiny of growth marketers.

By using data and metrics, growth marketers are able to use innovation to increase the growth of a business. However, the process of growth marketing is not as simple as you might expect. Failure is always expected in growth marketing. In fact, growth marketers rely on the ‘trial and error’ method approach to find results that will meet business goals and objectives.

Finding what works is the primary goal of growth marketers and while this may or may not involve tweaking an entire sales funnel of a business. Data and metrics are used in creating ideas for touch points that will make a large positive impact on a business.

Established technology companies or emerging technology startups are currently leading in the adoption of growth marketing. They provide more opportunities for growth marketers than other industries.

3 Reasons Why You Need a Growth Marketer

  • Building and optimising a revenue engine (https://ledgerbennett.com/revenue-engine/) is critical to long term business growth. A growth marketer will bring a new way of thinking, a flexible method and a revenue driven focus. Employing a growth marketer with relevant experience is a critical first step to achieving that goal.
  • Detailed perception of customers Customer data is highly critical in marketing and is therefore a goldmine in getting valuable information that gives insights to customer behavior. A growth marketer will collect and use customer data through customer surveys, social media analytics, websites analytics and more. They’ll analyze the data to construct a detailed approach in retaining your customer base and increasing awareness of your brand.
  • Modern customers take across-the-board buying journeys With the increased usage of social media platforms for doing business and increasing brand awareness. Many consumers shop online across-the-board that includes smartphones, laptops and tablets. Growth marketers use growth marketing strategies to track the buying journeys of customers and apply measures to improve conversion at low performing touch points.
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